Each month you'll find the very best of london's street food at our market

Treat yourself to delectable baked goods, a diverse range of international flavours, and take-home fresh produce. We have a delightful selection to cater to every palate. Additionally, you can quench your thirst with a variety of beverages. Whether you fancy a warming tea or coffee to enjoy while you browse, a delicious mango lassi or a refreshing glass of natural wine, we have something for everyone!

While our roster of traders may vary slightly from month to month, here's a glimpse of what you can expect to find on our menu.


Agua Na Boca is a unique tricycle food stall, selling mouthwatering Brazilian delicacies all across London.

The 'one man band', as he calls himself Andre has worked in hospitality in London for the past 21 years. Motivated by his love of food, he sought to introduce some of Brazil's most popular food to the streets of London. As a result, in May 2013, he established Agua Na Boca, which, when translated into English, means "mouthwatering," and perfectly describes the effect his tantalising selection of delectable savoury nibbles and sweet treats will have on you!

Offering Brazilian delicacies such as Salgadinhos (savoury pastries), Gourmet Brigadeiros (chocolate truffles), and Churros (filled doughnuts), you don't want to miss out!



Beryls Beans is a new, family run coffee business serving gorgeous, smooth tasting coffee, tea and snacks from their eco-friendly trailer which also works off the grid! They can usually be found on Catford Broadway during the week but have made a new home with us at Catford Bridge Train Station on Adenmore Road. They pride themselves on using the best ingredients from socially responsible businesses including coffee from Assembly Road and plant-based milk from Minor Figures.


Eagle Eats is a small bakery that began during the COVID lockdown, and continues to thrive today! They are dedicated to flavour and the freshest ingredients.   Only the finest quality ingredients make it into their food. Whether its their lemon and thyme loaf featuring thyme straight from the garden or their candied orange and chocolate cookies with organic cacao - everything is locally sourced and organic where possible!


As the winner of Best New Business in Lewisham for 2022 at the Mayor of Lewisham Business Awards, we’re sure you’re familiar with Ed Baker!

Ed Baker is a new artisan bakery situated between Hither Green and Ladywell, in South East London. Ed is proudly a sourdough purist. The authentic process of strictly using Flour + Water + Salt + Time is what makes his bread of a premium quality. He also produces a range of heritage quiches and pies and a range of heritage and high-end patisserie.

Ed Baker was founded with the promise to always; Provide healthy choices, deliver authentic flavours, and use real, organic ingredients.


Finer Things Deli is a specialty Spanish trader with a passion for sharing the finest food the country has to offer.

Founder Tom worked in London’s Borough market for over 3 years, and trained extensively in Spain in the ancient art of hand-carving jamón.

Founded in the locked-down days of 2020, the deli has gone from strength to strength across the capital’s best markets, garnering a huge following of loyal regulars who visit week in, week out, for their fix of jamón, gourmet cured meats and artisanal cheeses!


Founded by Rob Freddi, chief sommelier at the Albertine wine bar, Lamad Wine are fine wine distributors based in Shepherd’s Bush West London. It’s fair to say that they're an incredible p rveyor of natural wine. They are driven by the belief that the wine we drink should be as organically and sustainably produced as the food it accompanies. This is why they champion lesser known, independent, biodynamic wine producers.


After a successful 25-year career running his own marketing company in the UK Pat felt that time to refocus his energies and follow his passion whilst, taking time out to be with his father in Guyana. The only English-speaking country in South America, with a completely unique culture and an exciting blend of Amerindian, Black African, East Indian, Chinese, Portuguese and European influences. Pat found himself visiting the local markets regularly, picking up fresh produce and the chilli’s that grow solely in Guyana. Making dishes with these amazing peppers, Pat was inspired to create a range of sauces that celebrate the dazzling Guyanese cuisine.

This cultural blend provided the frame work for a distinct and unique Guyanese cuisine centred around the WIRI WIRI chili pepper also known as the "Guyana Chili" or the "Flava Chili". WIRI WIRI is nicknamed the Flava Chili for good reason, as an essential ingredient in Guyanese cuisine which is vibrant, exciting and adds something that makes it distinctly different to on traditional Caribbean cooking.Over the last 5 years Pat has been working tirelessly developing and perfecting this first range of Pat & Pinkys Hot Sauces.

It is Pat’s belief that these sauces can shine a light on the unique culture of his homeland whilst also supporting local farmers and the economy.


Raastawala specialises in North East Indian street food from Kolkata. Raastawala stands out with its generously filled kati rolls. The snack originated in Kolkata, traditionally comprising a kebab wrapped in paratha; British-born Bengali Rinku Dutt does it differently. Paratha is replaced with a substantial springy naan coated with a layer of spiced egg, and topped with a choice of protein and perky salad.

Meat eaters will appreciate the capsaicin wallop of tender, 24-hour chilli-marinated lamb; a slosh of the award-winning coriander sauce is non-negotiable. Pop by and try Raastawala to bring the authentic street food dining experience to life. Come Grab some delicious street eats to take home. Mango lassi and Spicy water bombs also known as Pani puris are some customer favourites!



They’re one of London’s finest, sustainable importers and merchants of oysters and will be sharing their wealth of knowledge and shucking expertise with us.

Bursting with the essence of the ocean, oysters are an eco-friendly superfood, full of zinc, brimming with protein and packed with mineral goodness. Not only do they do wonders for your immune system, they also boost the heart, mood and mind.

They were once the food of the people, then the reserve of the rich, now they’re the food of a sustainable future.


Merging her love of cooking with a passion for the environment and bringing people together, Daisy started ROOBARB’S as a market stall in January 2021, selling soups made from surplus Cornish produce at Falmouth Market in Cornwall.

With food, people and the planet being at the heart of ROOBARB’S, popularity of freshly made dahls and porridges soon increased, leading to a change in location to The Food Barn, Flushing. And as a result, requests to cater for events soon began.

To date, Daisy has hosted collaborative supper clubs with the likes of DARN studio and Newlyn Art Gallery, cooked food for hundreds at private events, served queue-worthy dishes at festivals up and down the country and been the sole caterer for charity events.

Now based in South London, Daisy cooks for people in an around London. She hopes to continue bringing people together and starting conversations over good food.


After losing his job due to Covid in 2020, co-founder Seb went all in on something he’d wanted to do for a while, street food. It was a case of ‘if not now, when?’. With the support of his wife Kara-Jessica, Tanio was born. Tanio translates to ‘ignite’ in Welsh, a small nod to Seb’s Welsh family, as well as a fitting name for an idea that was burning for a while before a spark made it a reality. Tanio began in their communal garden in Sydenham, South East London, serving pizzas to friends, family and the local community and before long they were selling out at markets across London every weekend. Find them at Catford Food Market for a taste of their stunning pizzas, ready in just 90 seconds!


Thai Fridays path to street food begins in Thailand in 1967. At the tender age of 5, Tippy started assisting her mother every day in preparing and cooking secret family recipes to be served at the bustling street food markets in Surin.

By the age of 6, she had mastered the family's signature dishes, using recipes passed down through generations. These recipes have since become the heart and soul of their beloved menu, still shining brightly to this day.

By 2010, fully trained in all her mother's skills, she was ready for her own market venture. Their first market, which she holds dear to her heart, was a small stall in the center of Bristol at St. Nicholas Market. Though Thai Fridays started slowly, they never lost hope, and over time, regular customers began returning, gradually building a loyal following.

Tippy holds great respect and pride in her products. Not only are her dishes special because of the age-old recipes, but also because of the high-quality ingredients and love they put into them. She uses only the best locally sourced free-range meat and vegetables because she believes that quality recipes deserve quality ingredients. Every dish served is crafted with love, and she has immense gratitude for every single one of their customers.


Zongo Foods are a Ghanaian street food company, who believe that good food and a great service go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other!

Their homemade food follows traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, but they also like to fuse food styles together as well.

Because of this, Zongo's food is fresh, delicious and has an authentic taste - delivering an authentic taste of Ghana. Traditional recipes include Ghanaian stew made with fresh ginger, peppers, tomatoes and chicken. Vegetarians need not fear as they’re catered for too, with both options served with a side of jollof rice and fried plantain.